alien4Addendum to The Common Construct.

The story of ‘The Common Construct’ has completed this phase of telling at an interesting juncture with the exploration of the greater Niyabaeh universe now possible via translocation for any members of the plateau Settlement who have been able to learn the intricacies of the Niyabaeh language. Although most are happy to stay and establish themselves on EL10, a few are interested to learn more of the mysterious unknowns that pervade the world they have arrived at even to the point where one of their number, Naeb, is prepared to put himself in danger and leave a pregnant partner on the planet in order to make sense of things he has encountered. Naeb has made contact with a holographic being called Noth who in the final scene of episode fifty is confronted with a deal, one that Naeb knows the creature will find difficult to refuse and it is here that readers are left wondering about the outcome of not only the encounter but also of future events.

As the writer of The Common Construct I need to reveal a few things of my own. Firstly that when I sit down to write an episode I have no idea whatsoever what will happen. Characters and storyline take on a momentum completely of their own and are as much a revelation to me as to the reader. I have found this to make writing extremely enjoyable as I am always interested to see what is going to happen next.
The original idea of The Common Construct was to explore social interactions in an egalitarian society and although this has happened to some extent with Vote-nights and Settlement improvement schemes and general camaraderie etc., the appearance of other civilisations, philosophies and technologies has provided a useful means to express ideas that stretch beyond the physical and into the realms that I like to think humanity or at least portions of humanity are able to achieve. The idea of advanced civilisations may not be a new one but just what those advances are and what they contain has always been open for debate. Thus, The Common Construct has come to explore a possible future humanity and I suggest that this is what Naeb is ultimately seeking to discover. The question is, will he be disappointed or will his already fragile mind be confronted with a consciousness expansion beyond his current comprehension?

Unlike the story and characters which were keen to reveal themselves, the Niyabaeh language has been something of a challenging puzzle for me to unravel. My intention has always been to create a language containing a meaningful and magical structure and it took a few attempts before something useable finally appeared. Just as a sculptor looks at a granite block for an unspecified amount of time before a form emerges or a painter stares at a blank canvas, I sought the quietude of my contemplative mind in search of shapes that somehow tied in with the Stella Octangula geometric configuration. Finally, the thirty-six consonants and fourteen vowels emerged and once recorded I then set about phonemes and grammar until the language at last became useable.
The letters are very simple, eighteen of just two, three or four strokes and then the same eighteen with a dot added to make thirty-six. For the vowels I took a square and divided it into quarters and then added a single dot to each available position then two dots and then three which resulted in fourteen characters. Combined with the consonants I now had fifty letters.

The Language Imps were not about to let me pass without a finally test though and it occurred at about episode Forty of the story when the external hard drive on which I diligently backed up all of my data suddenly died and it happened just when I was changing the operating system on my main computer. To my horror I had no record of the Niyabaeh language anywhere, except for bits and pieces in the story itself which is complete on my web-site. Thankfully after a stressful night or two I tracked down a copy of the Niyabaeh font on the online web-site where I had built it and after another few days of deciphering words and phrases from the episodes plus of course what I could remember, then the language was back on track.
This event was very similar to what Deeh had to go through when deciphering words and phrases from the Niyabaeh Archive in The Common Construct and I couldn’t help but see the humour at my own albeit short-lived, corresponding dilemma.
The lesson of course is to back up one’s data in more than one place.

The final few episodes plus this addendum have been slow coming off the keyboard for a very sound reason. I have been working on a Computer Game with it’s storyline taken straight from The Common Construct and I can report that things are looking spiffing.
The PC game story picks up a little further on from where the book leaves off..
In it Naeb explores nine worlds on which translocation pads have been established by the Niyabaeh. After visiting the Second Moon to do a deal with Noth, he returns to the Kroom Valley on EL10 to start his journey from the centre of the Niyabaeh universe. While there Naeb does some exploring around the inhospitable terrain and stumbles upon an aerial of the type that is found in the Niyabaeh settlements. Near it there is a doorway into a mountain.

I don’t want to reveal everything, you understand but suffice to say that after visiting the mentioned nine worlds and regularly communicating back to the Settlement on EL10, Naeb suddenly disappears off the radar. In each world he has collected a single letter which gives him the necessary articulation to translocate to an adjoining sector of the Metaphysical Matrix. He announces that he is about to leave the ninth world and will be in touch with everyone through Kliin in the Astral but is not heard from. After an agonising wait by Eleven his partner and all his fellow Tribe members it is decided that something needs to be done and someone is chosen at Vote-night to initiate a search.

The quest of the game is for this member of the Tribe on EL10 to follow in our adventurer’s footsteps, collecting letters and translocating through the nine worlds then finally over to the next sector in order to find Naeb and bring him home. Naeb’s journal give’s clues and tells of dangers to avoid. He also describes the unusual underground tunnel complexes that the Originators have left and clues on how to find each hidden letter.

I know that not all readers of The Common Construct have the means or even the inclination to play a PC video game but would like to follow the story as it continues so my plan is to post ‘walk through videos’ of each world (similar to episodes but visual) enabling folk to avoid missing out.
A name for the Video Game has been chosen, it is ‘TRANSLOCATION’.

A future ‘book two’?
This is a possibility, after all the story is set in an infinite universe. Let’s see where the game takes us.

Lastly, thanks to Bev, Libby, Catherine and others who have followed and liked the episodes, I appreciate you immensely.

Daniel Talis.